There are good possibilities that most of you would have felt surprised by seeing the topic, but there are some very funny stories told by escorts. It is the tendency of the human race to jump into conclusions just by seeing the crust of anything, and that is what is happening when it comes to escorts. With the limited information that we have, most of us tend to think that they have pathetic lives and they are struggling a lot. But that is not even close to the truth. We are not denying that some are going through a tough situation. But most of the escorts enjoy a better lifestyle than most of us. In this article, we will see some of the benefits of being an escort.

The sex

If you are a human being, you will definitely have sexual urges. There are people who will be under control, and there are ones who will not be able to control it. Every one of us wants to have sex, and a considerable number of people are not able to because they did not get the opportunity. In that way, escorts are really lucky. They get to have sex with different people and also make money out of it. The best part is that their sexual urges are satisfied without getting into any commitments.

Good Money

Many have this perception that most of the escorts are people who will have a bad financial position. But the reality is that escorts have goods financial status. Most of them make decent money, and some make an insane amount of money. There are escorts who make thousands of dollars per night. If you consider their work timings it is just a few hours every week. They will be sure of the schedule and they can everything perfectly planned.

No Taxes

Earning good money and not paying the taxes is definitely one of the greatest feelings for any person on this planet. If there is a group of people who are experiencing this amazing feeling, it is without a doubt the escorts.

The freedom

You might be the CEO of the company, and there are possibilities that you will make millions of dollars every year. But you will be under constant pressure because you have a company that you need to run. You are in a position which demands you to make decisions that will bring some profit to the company every year.  That is not the case when it comes to escorts. If they want they can attend the clients, and if they are not interested they can easily deny. Even if there is a financial crunch, they can easily resolve it by taking one or more clients extra.

Their body, their pricing

There no specific government body that is regulating the prices for the escort services. Hence they have the liberty to quote any price that they need. At the end of the day, it is their body, and they have all the rights in the world to place their demands for the services that they offer.