All of us humans have made sure to make sex one of the most essential things in life and by doing so we have overpopulated the earth. Sex can be creative, fun and downright amazingly pleasurable. When two people share a bed, they will surely have some likes and dislikes. These likes can be understood as fantasies or fetishes. Here is a list of the most well-known fetishes that people all around the world love to practice.

  1. BDSM and role-playing: people pretend to be someone else. This can include the usage of costumes, like Batman, Superman, Spider-man, etc.
  2. Fetishism is when a person gets sexually aroused by something like the other person’s underwear, their clothes, phones, etc. Any object that has physical contact with your partner can turn you on.
  3. Katoptronophilia is a sort of fetish that turns you on when you have sex in front of a mirror.
  4. Trichophilia is when the person who plays with the hair of their partner, they get turned on. Even smelling it can trigger arousal.
  5. Knismolagnia is the kind of fetish that induces arousal when the person is being tickled. This means anyone who tickles you can turn you on.
  6. Voyeurism is the kind of fetish where a person gets turned on by looking at other people having sex near them.
  7. Pictophilia is the most common fetish of all time, and almost everyone on the planet has it. It is a fetish where you get aroused by looking at pornographic images or videos on a screen. Every single teenage boy or girl has pictophilia by this definition.
  8. Nasolingus has to be one of the weirdest ones on the list. Arousal achieved through sucking on someone’s nose.
  9. Stigmatophilia means arousal induced by looking at someone’s tattoos or piercings on any part of their body. This means Ross from FRIENDS is a stigmatophile.
  10. The most morbid one of the list would be necrophilia. Arousal achieved through examination and physical contact with dead bodies.
  11. Podophilia is another common fetish; it is also known as the foot-fetish. Arousal achieved by nibbling, licking, touching, kissing or caressing a person’s feet. It is indeed a weird one, but apparently many people do have this sort of fetish.
  12. Another weird one, but not as weird as the last weird one, psychrophilia is sexual arousal achieved by feeling very cold or even looking at people who are feeling cold.
  13. Urophilia can be understood as sexual arousal linked to urine. This means the person gets aroused by peeing on others or getting peed on; both of which are GROSS.
  14. Swinging is when a married couple has sex with another married couple.