Sexual addiction can be a very trying affliction to live with. It totally takes over your entire life until it is the only thing you can think about. And when you do get sex, you will feel like doing it all the time. It becomes just an issue that it starts affecting your genitals and your relationships with people. It can even affect your job as it would always be on your mind.

Sexual addiction cases have begun exploding for the last 20 years. Every second there are millions of people watching adult content on the internet and even more people having sex. In-patient facilities have seen a staggering increase since more and more people have begun accepting the fact that they are indeed addicted to sex. Below I have listed a couple of famous people who had this affliction:

  1. Michael Douglas has accepted the fact that he is a sex addict and has sought out help. His marriage broke because he cheated on her multiple times and his present marriage has apparently been very rocky. Admission into rehab has been a regular occurrence in his life.
  2. Amber Smith is a woman who has been featured in multiple Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues and has also worked as Victoria’s Secret model. She is a woman who sells the image of sex for money, and there is absolutely no surprise that she was addicted to sex. She apparently had sex with multiple men for money when she didn’t have jobs. This only fueled her addiction. She has even wrestled with alcohol and drug problems. She then admitted herself into celebrity rehab and got better. She manages to stay out of the spotlight.
  3. Charlie Sheen is the poster-man for sex addiction. He used to spend more than $100,000 when he parties, and he has had a couple thousand sex partners. There are allegations of him having sex with men and women at the same time with his wife in the mix.
  4. David Duchovny has stated this: “ I checked myself into a facility for treatment when I was addicted to sex” since then he has improved and still managed to be relevant in the vast land of Hollywood.
  5. Robbie Williams is a singer who used to abuse drugs and is a casual drinker. He says that he gave those up and needed a substitute, so he used sex as a substitute and got addicted to it.
  6. ‘The Shining’ actor Jack Nicholson was accused of being crazy and completely and utterly obsessed with sex. He used to sleep with 3-4 women at the same time in his youth and has stated that he will stay a bachelor to the end of his days.
  7. The Fantastic Beasts actor, Colin Farrell, has struggled with addiction to sex and finally entered rehab in 2005 after an x-rated tape of him was leaked.